Who Is Ryan?

Good Question…

“I want to travel the world, play some tunes, make some money, meet some cool people, live by a beach with 5 dogs and a family. Anything you could do to help me with any of those six things would be greatly appreciated, especially the third one.”

Ryan was thrown into this world doing a power slide and shredding face melting solos on an Epiphone Les Paul Classic behind his head, while screaming “alright” to likes of David Lee Roth and fist pumping the devil horns. An expert sleeper, egg scrambler, and master of the relaxation arts, he is known for his ability to run in circles and scream “Hot waffles” in crowded malls. A Big kid at heart, he loves comics and drawing smiley faces on angry faces in pictures. He plays many instruments including beating two sticks together. Expert at 90’s Nickelodeon trivia and still cannot grow a full beard.

There are some cool tunes that came straight from the empty vessel on top of his shoulders. Check it out! Tell your Friends! Introduce him to your mom!

Face Melting Solos
Desire to Play Free Bird Because You Shouted It
Rock The $%*^ Out
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