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This is something that many of fellow musicians tend to ignore… or make excuses that they simply “don’t have time for.” Well I can tell you this is extremely important, even if you think it is not.
Social Media!
We the musicians have the power to work as a label on our own. With the power at our finger tips in the form of social media, there are success stories everywhere. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all these mediums allow independent artist to reach new fans, customers, and even gigs.
I’ve learned a lot from one of the best in the field, Rick Barker, and I highly recommend you google search him, research what he has done and take his advice.
The excuse you may find yourself making when taking on this Social Media adventure is “Well I dont have enough time.”
I even made that excuse myself, and it wasn’t until I heard Rick himself say “How much do you want it. If you want it badly enough you will make it happen,” and that is incredibly true.

So I leave you with this, Check out Rick Barker www.rickbarker.com and take his advice. Then set up ways to remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. If you do this, you will succeed.